Monday, 11 August 2014

Review: Dr LeWinn's Renunail Nail Strengthener

Any product that claims to repair damaged nails in 4 weeks is worth a try..

Handling animals every day and tacking up horses is great, but promises broken nails.
 I’ve sporadically tried Acrylics and Shellac and whilst I’ve been happy with the look of them, the damage to my nails when they are removed is a sorry sight.

My nails are weak and brittle so the idea of using a minimal hassle strengthener is weirdly exciting.

I first heard of Dr Lewinns through a friend, a friend who has beautiful strong nails that looks like she’s just paid a visit to the nail bar.. every time I see her. She leant me her Dr Lewinns Renunail recently to try and sort out my sorry looking nails.

Upon opening the product I was immediately shocked by the strong chemical smell. Something excited me about this as Dr Lewinns seem to have focused solely on the repairing ingredients in the product opposed to the pretty packaging and scent.

The instructions for Renunail are to apply the product once daily to each nail for two weeks.
 I am nearly 2 weeks in to my Dr Lewins Renunail process. And I have to say.. I am shocked at how dramatically different my nails are in this short time.

I applied two coats, every day for six days and then on the seventh day removed the whole lot and started again. I am now of the third day of the second week process and am so excited to see the end result of using this magical product.

The Dr Lewinns Renunail retails at £17 for a massive 30ml bottle.. Which makes paying £49 for a 30ml bottle of Coco Chanel seem slightly bonkers.

If you’re pretty useless with the upkeep of your nails, like me.. you could use this product as a base coat before you apply your normal colour.

To buy one of these incredible nail repair polishes, Dr Lewinn’s website is here

Have you got any nail strengthening products to recommend?

Fleur x

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  1. Oooh this looks like a good product :) Thanks for introducing it to us :)