Monday, 4 August 2014

Hair for the Bride or Bridesmaids

Firstly I should apologise for my absence, life's been pretty hectic recently with moving house and a new job on the horizon.. Two of the biggest things changing at the same time is pretty daunting but everything seems to be falling into place now..

I did a Holiday Hair blog a few months ago which included different braids and buns.. Lots of you have been asking me for hair ideas for weddings and events so I thought i'd do a little post with bridal/ bridesmaid hair in mind.

The first look is a bridal braid bun (hard to say quickly, I know!)
This look is quite tricky to create but looks really effective and elegant. This is one of those hair do's where everybody 'Oohs' and 'Aahs'. 

 This is my friend Jen during our holiday in Mykonos

If your hair is dip dyed it gives a really nice effect to the bun with different colours swirling into the braid.

This look would be prefect for a bride or bridesmaid, especially if you added some daintly flowers or accessories to the bun.

I will be uploading a step by step video soon so keep an eye out for this..

 Happy Monday!

Fleur x


  1. Ah I wish I was good at hair. :(

    I love this look!

    Christie xxx

  2. Thanks Christie! :)

    Remember practice makes perfect.

    Fleur x

  3. This looks so pretty! I'm getting married next year and need some hair inspiration :)

    Hanh x | hanhabelle