Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gossip Girl Butterfly Stickers

I've been obsessed with Gossip Girl and Serena Van Der Woodsen ever since I can remember and have always wanted to buy some of the 3D butterfly stickers she has on her bedroom wall at Blair's House..

So I was super excited when I finally found a company called Bedding Inn that sells them, and for a bargain too at just $10.69.

 My friend's and I always quote Gossip Girl and it's an ongoing joke we have so I think these quirky  butterfly stickers with be a perfect Christmas present for them too. You can position the stickers wherever and however you like, I'm thinking a couple on the wall behind my dressing table will look super cute..

The 3D stickers come in three different colours, black red and cream, so depending on the colour scheme of your bedroom you can choose the most appropriate colour.

To buy some of these adorable butterfly stickers for just $10.69 click on the link below.

 Do you watch Gossip Girl? Who's your favourite character?

Fleur x


  1. Such a cute idea! I really want to start watching Gossip Girl.

  2. I love this decorations looks so lovely and now I want to recreate this too :)

  3. I got swept away the moment I saw this in Gossip Girls and still obsessed with the stickers till now <3 Think I've seen a boutique of Dior display the same butterfly stickers like Serena's room and I'm just in love with it xx Thanks for sharing this, sweetie xx Have a lovely week xx

    Hope you could come visit my latest post!!

  4. This post just saved my life, I've always been in love with Gossip Girl and it's so cool I can buy these! Blair is the best no doubt :)

  5. I've always loved those stickrs of Blair's bedroom, she's my favorite character by the way ;) I wish I had a wall to put them though. Kisses!

  6. I want those butterfly stickers in my room, especially those red ones. They're so enchanting.

    Jessica |